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How to remove a laminate kitchen sink.

I have to remove the kitchen sink which is laminated (glued to counter top).

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Posted 2014-01-06T16:48:07+0000  by massonfamily massonfamily

If it is a Drop-in Sink then you will have to use a small prybar to pull the sink up out of the hole. Check the underside to see if there are any brackets that are holding the sink in place.


 Most likely, the sink was installed with a bead of adhesive caulk on the inside frame. As you get the edge of the sink up off the countertop, try and slip something along the inside to help break the bond of the caulking. I feel that once you get it started - it will loosen up quite quickly.


Installing a Drop-in Sink


If the sink is considered an Undermount, then you will have to remove the undermount clips and cut away the small bead of silicone at the top in order to remove.  With this type of sink you may want to prop the sink up before disassembling.



Posted 2014-01-06T17:03:41+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

A drop-in (or top mount) sink would typically have a bead of caulk under the rim.  Usually a stiff putty knife will pry it loose.  There may also be clips holding it in from below.

Posted 2014-01-06T17:04:15+0000  by Adam444
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