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How to remove a lever shower handle?

Our shower has two lever handles for the hot and cold..we want to remove them so we can replace the shower surround, but we have no idea how to. We thought there was a screw you have to remove to take the lever off, but my husband thinks he has stripped the scew. How would we remove it if the screw it stripped?

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Posted 2013-02-27T20:31:38+0000  by ccowart3 ccowart3

Hello ccowart3,


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Most handles are held on by a screw that goes through the center of the handle. It’s normally covered by a screw cap. Once you remove the cover you would just have to unscrew it and wiggle the handle off.


If by chance the screw does get stripped you can get it out either with a spiral bolt extractor or if you have a Dremel you could very carefully cut a small slot on the top of the screw so that you could unscrew it with a screw driver. I would not suggest this if you are going to reuse the handle since you might damage it when you cut the slot in the screw.


If you use the spiral extractor make sure not to hit it very hard it can damage the stem or even worse the valve.


If you can post a couple of pictures than I could verify how that particular handle comes off.


Thanks again for joining the how to community. We are glad you’re here.


Let me know if you’re able to get the screw out or if you have any other questions.

Posted 2013-02-27T22:44:53+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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