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How to remove a vinyl wallpaper boarder

While I was trying to remove a vinyl wallpaper boarder. the paper seperated into layers .  I was able to remove the vinyl top layer.'   Now I have  a thick adhesive  boarder left  on  a painted wall.  How do I remove  the adhesive so that I can successfully paint the room?

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Posted 2013-08-20T02:38:52+0000  by BGPainter BGPainter

Hello BGPainter!


Vinyl paper is thick because it consists of the vinyl front and a cardboard-like backing.


What you discovered is the vinyl separates from the backing fairly easily ... leaving the backing to be removed as another step.


Use warm water mixed with Dif Concentrate and saturate the backing.


Allow the product to soak into the backing for a few minutes.


Use a blunt edge scraper and test an area.


If the backing comes off easily, continue wetting and removing.


If the backing is still adhered, wet again and test in a few minutes.

Posted 2013-08-20T16:54:21+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

 I always say that the two most important factors in removing wallpaper are lots of water and lots of  patience. The average do-it-yourselfer gets into problems by poking at the paper before it is ready to release. The result is a gouged up wall.  Also, as soon as the wallpaper comes off, re-wet  and scrub off the paste before it dries down again.


I often would start with only one wall until I had determined how fast the paper was going to wet down and how much wet time I was going to have to clean the wall down. It does not make sense to needless wet down a whole room and then not to be able to get to it in time. However, a relatively small border  should not normally present problems.


Occasionally, I would run aross a situation where someone had used "border adhesive" directly on a painted wall. There are two different border adhesives out there. One is intended when the border is to be put on top of a slick vinyl covered  wallpaper.  Normally,  self-pasted borders will not stick on top of such wallpaper. Such pastes are very similar to Elmer's glue and are not very water soluble and are a nightmare to wash off!


The other type of border paste is used   on non-pre-pasted borders which are to be placed directly on the painted walls. It is similar to celulose paste and readily soaks and washes off.


Home Depot now sells a "universal border paste" which supposedly will stick directly to painted walls or on top of wallpaper.


Just a few observations from an ol' contractor who really hated taking wallpaper off!

Posted 2013-08-22T00:11:45+0000  by ordjen
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