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How to remove sap from clothing

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Having worked my 19th Christmas with the Home Depot on the Christmas tree lot, you learn to wear the clothes that you do not mind destroying with tree sap. One 8 hour shift on the tree lot is plenty of time to destroy a perfectly good set of clothes. 

Without fail, you move your beautiful Fraser Fir tree into the house while wearing your favorite shirt or pants and you get a big bunch of tree sap on it. Dont worry, there is a solution for getting this sap off.

Using an alcohol bases hand sanitizer works well, as does regular rubbing alcohol. Scrape off whatever sap you can with a spoon or a fingernail. Apply the hand sanitizer or alcohol to the sap and rub the fabric together.

Alcohol breaks down pine sap which includes your Christmas tree. Sometimes it requires doing this a couple times and once you have got the spot clean, throw it in the washer. It would not hurt to pretreat it with some liquid detergent like tide for 20 minutes before washing. Once it has washed, make sure it is completely gone before throwing it in the dryer. If there is still a small spot, one more treatment with alcohol based product will get the job done.
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Posted 2016-12-04T20:57:24+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL Ingar_HD_ATL
The more common solvent for tree sap is either turpentine or mineral spirits. Turpentine is ,after all , a distillate of tree sap! Natural Spar varnishes are made from pine tree sap, and as such, are thinned with either turpentine or mineral spirits.
Posted 2016-12-18T01:23:05+0000  by ordjen
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