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How to remove shower door track?

We want to replace the whole sliding shower door unit but the track is glued tight to the shower basin. How can we remove the base track without damaging the shower basin?

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Posted 2011-02-23T00:25:28+0000  by csalek csalek

Welcome to the community,csalek, I'm Ray the Hammer, and I believe that I can help you out.

During the recent ice and snow storms here in Atlanta, I came down with a severe case of "cabin fever", and the only cure that I could find, was caulk, so I decided to re-caulk all the sinks, tubs, and showers in the house. In doing so, the first thing I had to do to the shower was to tighten all the screws that anchor the track and sides to the tile. Why do I mention this? I found one screw at each end of the track that holds it down, so check to make sure you have removed these before you continue.. they could be either on the sides, like mine, or in the bottom in the tracks.

After removing the screws, if there are any, use a 5 in 1 tool to break the seal at the edge. The track should only be held down with some type of silicone, and will come up with a little coaxing. Then go to the paint or flooring department at your local Home Depot for some epoxy remover to clean the area.

Don't know what a 5 in 1 tool is? It's the thing that all painters carry with them for scraping, opening paint cans and things like that.

You may need to use a little muscle, but it should come right up.

Good luck and keep us posted with some pics of your progress.

The Hammer

Posted 2011-02-23T14:36:49+0000  by TheHammer
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