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How to remove wall paper adhesive

Hi There,


I bought a 70's house and some part of the wall has wall paper. I planned to remove wall paper and it was very easy to remove the wall paper by pulling it off. After pulling all wall paper, i found that the wall surface is very rough and has some dried adhesive. 


How do i remove this adhesive and prepare the wall for paint?





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Posted 2013-02-25T21:37:41+0000  by Sat Sat


All wallpaper pastes are water soluble, but some less so than others. The secret to getting the paste ofgf is to use plenty of water and have plenty of patience. I always used warm water and DIF walpaper remover solution in a pump garden sprayer. Wet the wall down for several minutes and then scrub with either steel wool or 3M scrubby pads.


Pre-pasted paper use a cellulose paste. Cellulose is clear and hard to see. You have to feel for it with your hands. It has a very slimey feeling when wet.


It the wallpaper was a canvas or re-enforced paper, it may have been hung with a pre-mixed "clay" paste. Clay paste is kind of yellow in color. It is water soluble, but may well take some time before it softens up.


Protect your floors by taping 4 foot wide strips of plastic sheeting to the top of the baseboards. Roll the plastic toward the wall to form a trough from which you can constantly be sponging up the excess water. Don't wet the whole room down at once because you won't be able to keep up with the scrubbing and wiping of the surface and it will needlessly have dried down again.


If the wallpaper has already been removed, a steamer could well do damage to the underlying paint. Acrylic / latex paints do not hold up well to high heat and humidity.


After removing the paste, it is adviseable to prime the walls completely. Try as you may, you will probably miss getting some paste off. A primer will help seal in an paste missed. Any knicks made in the drywall should be patched before your general primeing. You might save yourself one finish coat of paint if you have the primer tinted toward your finish color. This is helpful where strong colors are to be used which might not cover white in one coat.


Hope this is of help.

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Posted 2013-02-26T03:35:32+0000  by ordjen

I would like to know this also because so far the wall paper came off in whole pieces then I took the steamer and removed the paste but the thing is it also took off some of the paint that was underneath the wallpaper. I am trying to sell the house so I don't want to texture the wall. So I would not steam it off but maybe sand it off. That is what I am doing to the other half that I didn't steam and it seems to be working but alot of elbow grease.

Posted 2013-02-26T00:04:14+0000  by mlb
Thank you so much for explaining in detail. Its gonna be very useful to me.
Posted 2013-02-26T15:30:42+0000  by Sat
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