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How to removing ceramic tile flooring from concrete slab foundation?

When my house was built (concrete slab), the original owners had the majority of the house tiled with ceramic tile, like a Florida home.  I live in a suburb of Chicago.  Since that time another owner decided to carpet the tiles living room/dining room/ 1 bedroom and the hall ways.  The other two bedrooms already were carpeted over vinyl tile.  I decided to rip up the old nasty carpeting and are now left with ceramic floors with cracks and divits on the perimeter from removing the tack strips.  Not sure I like the Florida Room look and feel, not to mention that it makes it very chilly and the dogs slide around.

What would I have to do on order to lay hardwood or laminate?

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Posted 2016-05-04T18:44:07+0000  by Jaclynn965 Jaclynn965
Hi Jaclynn965,

Layers of flooring over cement are not so difficult to remove.

Ask your Tool Rental Associate to show you a hammer drill.

The kit comes with a chisel bit that fits over the tip and makes fairly quick work of tile removal.

Simply start at one side of each room and work across and out to each side, using the chisel at an angle to release the tile from the floor.

Wear a dust mask and gloves, and have a disposal system handy to remove the debris.

Once cleared of tile, the floor may require additional smoothing before installing a new floor.

Your Tool Rental Associate can also show you a Diamond Blade Etcher.

This tool will cut off any remaining debris ... leaving the floor smooth and ready for new flooring.

I made this "How To" video to demo the tool and help you understand which blade you'll need.

Watch Our How-To Video

Once smooth, use a shop vac to collect remaining dust and then prepare the floor as instructed by your Flooring Associate.

Hope this helps,

Pat InPaint

Posted 2016-05-04T19:28:46+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
If you would like one of the floating floor systems (e.g., laminate or engineered) then it might not be necessary to remove the tile.  You would likely have to undercut door jambs and perhaps the doors themselves but probably a lot less work and mess than removing the tile. 

Frankly, carpeting it going to be the warmest [feeling] underfoot solution.
Posted 2016-05-04T20:54:48+0000  by Adam444
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