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How to repair and seal large hole in concrete wall

With the installation of a new water line, the plumber created a 6 inch hole in the concrete basement wall.  Water continually drips from the temporary patch in the hole since the ground is saturated.  What is the best way to patch the hole (from the basement) that is both structurally sound and water tight?
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Posted 2018-03-30T04:02:13+0000  by JWski JWski

Hello JWski and welcome to the Community.

The best way to fix this is from both the interior and exterior if possible.   

Approaching from the interior, chisel out the patching material into a “V” groove around the pipe. 

If there is a large void inside the wall, fill it with Great Stuff.  Do not over fill it because you are going to apply a new patch of hydraulic cement water-stop in the inside surface.  If the Great Stuff protrudes into the room, slice it off and pack it into the hole about an inch or so. 


Prepare the hydraulic cement according to the manufacturer directions.  Dampen the wall and then pack the hydraulic cement into the groove around the pipe.  Trowel the hydraulic cement out smooth.



If possible patch around the pipe in the same manor from the exterior side of the wall.


Thank you for your inquiry.



Posted 2018-04-03T14:37:53+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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