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How to repair sheet rock paper torn from removing wall paper

I am stripping wallpaper from a 1/2 bath and have run into a problem.  The person who hung the wall paper did not prime or put a sizer on the sheet rock before hanging the wallpaper.  So, when stripping the wallpaper off the wall, sometimes the sheetrock paper comes off with the wall paper.  


I want to paint the 1/2 bath once the wallpaper is completely off the walls but I can't leave the walls with all of those strips where the wallboard cover paper got ripped off too.  How can I repair the walls and make them flat and paintable?




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Posted 2013-08-07T05:29:34+0000  by raseldu raseldu



After you have gotten the paper and paste off,  let the walls dry down. After dry, take sandpaper and try to remove all loose flaky paper. Now use an oil based primer such as Kilz or CoverStain to seal the porous brown exposed drywall paper. After the primer is dry, apply a coat or two of drywall topping compound. Topping compound is much easier to sand than joint compound. Once the compound is dry, use a drywall sanding block loaded with 100 grit sandpaper or a sanding screen. The sanding block will help assure a nice flat, non-wavy surface. Once smooth, the entire wall should be primed and then painted. At least two finish coats will be neccessary to assure a uniform sheen, especially if a higher sheen paint is used.


The oil based primer is very important to act  in preventing  the water in the drywall compound from causing the fuzzy, brown  exposed paper from festering and wrinkling up. Subsequent primers and paint may be water based.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-08-07T06:18:17+0000  by ordjen
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