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How to repair surface of a coffee table?

We have a gorgeous black coffee table that we love, however with time the finish on the top (in some areas) has begin to wear off. I didn't want to make this a whole repainting project and was wondering what options I have to just  cover the wear on it. It's exposing a bit of the wood underneath. It looks like small scrathes, although there's no deepth to the damage.

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Posted 2011-09-11T22:53:46+0000  by bluegemz bluegemz


Posted 2011-09-13T14:21:09+0000  by bluegemz

hello blue... can you give us a few more details or a picture? what kind of finish is it, paint, lacquer, laminate, stain, etc?

do you want the scratches filled in or just less conspicuous? how big is the piece? do you want to keep the black look or can you put something over it? the more information you can provide the better the response you will get.


look forward to seeing what you have.

Posted 2011-09-13T20:03:59+0000  by Paul
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