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How to replace a Sliding Patio Door

Does anyone know where I can view a video on how to replace a Sliding Patio Door? The ome we currently have is as old as the house which is about 20 Yrs. Old. We boucght a New Slidin Frnch Door from Home Depot.

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Posted 2013-05-16T18:56:02+0000  by itslisa itslisa

HI itslisa,


Removing the old sliding door is fairly simple. Disposing of it is another matter.


To remove the door, lift up on each sliding glass door and disengage it from the lower track.


Next slide the door towards the interior of the room until it can be disengaged from the upper track.


Set the sliding doors aside in a safe place and the remove the existing upper and lower tracks.


To do this, remove the screws from the side panels at each end of the door.


Carefully pry loose the side panels until they disengage from the upper and lower track. They usually come off fairly easily.


Once the side panels are removed take out the screws from the upper track and remove it.

Be careful as the top track will now be free to fall as the screws are removed.


Finally remove the bottom track and the opening is ready for the new door.


To install the new doors, first remove the doors from the frame by pulling out the hinge pins, set the doors aside until you have the new frame installed. If they are sliding doors leave them in the frame.


Place a bead of caulk around the entire opening paying special attention to the sill. You want a good weather tight seal when the frame is in place.


Place the frame in the opening; make sure it is facing in the right direction.


Using wooden shims square up the frame in the opening. Make sure it is true and square, use shims to bring it into alignment, this is vital for a good fit and proper door action.


Once the frame is true and square, nail or screw the frame into place through the shims to secure it in place. If the new door has a nailing flange, around the perimeter, nail it in place with the roofing nails.


Finally rehang the doors and check for proper door action. Make any final adjustments, seal the opening with a good caulk and apply the trim.


Now you’re ready to prime and paint.



Posted 2013-05-16T19:42:47+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

Hello itslisa here is a video from Andersen, installing their A Series sliding patio door, I hope this help you.




Posted 2013-05-16T19:51:24+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI
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