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How to replace bulb in recessed fixture

The fixture is a little less than 6 years old and the bulb needs replacing.  It has frosted glass lens that rests inside the edge. I am not sure how to get it down to replace the bulb. 
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Posted 2015-07-03T21:30:04+0000  by mickitiffen mickitiffen

Posted 2015-07-03T21:34:11+0000  by mickitiffen
It should just pull straight down.  You may want to first take a sharp utility knife and carefully score between the edge of the trim ring and the ceiling just to release any paint that may have stuck.  There are likely some kind of clips or springs that may need to be released to entirely remove the trim ring.  If so, the ring will come down a couple of inches or so and stop.   Don't keep pulling, look for the clips or springs  Usually you have to squeeze them together.

If you're not sure, post another picture.
Posted 2015-07-04T01:29:29+0000  by Adam444
Hey mickitiffen!

Adam is so right about your light!

I thought to add this image so you can see what the recessed light housing looks like.

When you pull down the escutcheon plate, you will see springs attached inside the housing (black arrow).

You'll need to push up on each spring to release the attached ends.

Once free, replace the bulb, test the light, and then reattached the springs.

The escutcheon plate will slide back up snug against the ceiling.

Should you ever decide to refresh the appearance of these escutcheon plates, several light coats of spray paint will work wonders ... while they are off is a great time to do this.
Posted 2015-07-16T14:25:15+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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