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How to replace burners on Charnglow Grill

Need to replace the burners on my Charmeglow model 720-0036-HD-05 grill. I have the replacement burners (3), but having difficulty inserting them over the gas outlet.

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Posted 2012-11-13T23:48:46+0000  by dg55 dg55

Hi dg55,


Thank you for your question, and welcome to our community.  After researching your question, it appears that the replacement tube for your Charmglow MDL 720-0036-HD-05 burner does over the gas valve.  If your does not fit over the gas valve, you may have been shipped the wrong part. 


Charmglow tube burner on mdl 720-0036-HD-05.jpg  


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Chyarmglow 720-0036-HD-05-PartsPic-LG1.gif


I checked with and they also stated that your tube burner should fit over the gas valve.  Contact the sender of your gas grill part and have them double check the part number.   The burner tube should very nicely fit over the gas valve and you should not have to force it at all.  


Please let us know if we can be of further assistance to you.


This has been another of,


Posted 2012-11-16T18:42:12+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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