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How to replace drawers and hardware...?

My boyfriend and I are trying to but some new base cabinets.  However, I got to looking at some of them today and I really dont think they all need to be replaced.  The overall cabinets are ok, but the hinges are getting worn and the drawers are shot. They don't have tracks and are falling apart.  Can I buy separate drawers and the hardware?  If so, is it really cheaper to do so? 

We are also looking to change our counter tops.  I do not like many of the stock patterns/colors.  I have reviewed some of the "standard" patterns/colors at the laminate counter top carrier sites, but they do not have pricing.  Is it cheaper or about the same to order laminate, pre cut counters over the in-store counters?

I appreciate all the help I can get on this in advance!

TY!! :)


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Posted 2011-03-06T20:43:40+0000  by JessicaHibner JessicaHibner

Hi, Jessica this is Mike The Home Depot Answer Man


The first step would be to stop by your local Home Depot, and talk to one of our kitchen designers. They can discuss with you the options available, and arrange for one of our experts to visit your home and measure the drawer sizes.


Once the measure is complete, we then can give you an estimate on the cost for the drawers and hardware. We can arrange to install them as well, if you desire..


Kitchen cabinet drawers consist of a drawer box and a drawer front. The fronts are what you see when the drawer is closed. They are the decorative part of the drawer. If your drawer fronts look ok, then you can just order new drawer boxes.


Readymade countetops are cheaper than custom, but the sizes and shapes are limited. We offer several different counter top options including formica, silestone, quartz, and granite. Our kitchen designers can give you all the information you need, so you can make an educated decision.


I hope this helps answer your question



Posted 2011-03-07T22:49:12+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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