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How to replace front door handleset

My kwikset handleset for my front door broke ( the latch) I need to now go & get a new one but dont want the same. I am trying to find out if the size for the wholes on the door it self are standard? Or when I buy the new one what should i messure ? I keep looking online and cant figure it out. I just want to replace the old one. I had the Kwikset satin nickel signature series with single cylinder deadbolt and interior trim and want to get the same type just not from this company. Any help? Thank you

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Posted 2012-04-01T22:09:42+0000  by pamela1016 pamela1016

Greetings Pamela,


Thank you for your question. It is one I get in my home store often. My name is Tom, also known here as HD116 and as a renovation and remodeling contractor specializing in work for Realtors, I have replaced quite a few locks in my time.


The good news is that there is "a standard" hole size for locksets and deadbolts in entry doors manufactured here in the US. As a result, you can purchase locksets from any manufacturer we carry in our stores or on-line with confidence that they will fit your bore.


We developed a video that details the process of deadbolt installation. For your convenience, it can be found here. Please note that you can skip the steps on cutting a hole in the door as you simply replacing the lock. For a single bore door, the process is easy also. A video on how to accomplish this is found at this link.


There are a host of choices available both in our stores and through On the website there are 19 manufacturers and over 500 options available. Just click here to look at the wide array available.


I am happy to be able to give you this good news and thank you for becoming one of our communities newest members. Please let me know if we can assist you further.

Posted 2012-04-03T16:29:23+0000  by HD116
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