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How to replace grill burners

Bought a Vermont Castings VM450ssp grill from HD several years ago. Now need to replace burners. Found several places to buy them on-line, but do not know how to get the old burners out. I have all the original documentation, but nothing on how to replace burners. Thanks

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Posted 2011-06-05T04:59:46+0000  by ehv ehv

Hey evh.


I have spent 3 hours looking for anything that tells us how to replace this burner and found nothing. Having dealt with grills for the last 14 years at The Home Depot I do have an idea how it goes on. On the picture below, the one end on the left just sits on a ledge inside your grill while the bracket on the burner has 2 holes on one side, a large one for the igniter to go in and a small hole for the screw to hold the igniter on. It is my suspicion that the hole on the other side has a screw that holds the burner in place and attaches it to the grill. When disassembling the burners, look closely how the line attaches to the burner. I think that there is a manifold that the control knobs attaches to and I suspect that they just slide into the burner there on the far right. They usually don't fit very tight, as it is not necessary, because propane must mix with air to work properly.


I have attached the link that I found the picture on.



Image via

My post is based on assumptions, for this is how I would approach the project. I would recommend talking to one of their experts.

Posted 2011-06-05T14:03:53+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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