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How to replace large bottom window seal that has rotted. At least 29" wide by 4". ?

How to replace large bottom window seals that have rotted several inches into wood. . At least 29" long across bottom of window and windows shuts on this seal. . It may 4" wide by 4' . ?


Casings or surrounding framing or trim is rotted also and will need replaced.

Could use above large window large decorative piece. (shutters will be Java Brown) Trim White. Large decorative piece was home made but now rotted and needs replaced with something that isn't wood. Dimensions are 29" wide and at least 48" in height. Need two. If not I'll make something out of thin plywood. Appreciate any exterior pieces you are aware of. Thank you. So far, Nothing in stores. Only special ordered and very expensive.
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Posted 2013-04-29T08:42:55+0000  by rossg rossg

Hello Rossg,


Welcome to the community.


My first question would be why did it rot?


Was it just not maintained properly or are there termites eating away at it or even worse both?

You may not know the entire truth till you start pulling off the rotted materials. Unfortunately a lot of the time it’s worse than it looks once you start pulling off the top layers.


The easiest way that I’ve found to take out a wood window sill is to cut across the middle at an angle and then pry each piece up and pull it out. You will most likely have to wiggle it a bit to get it to release. Be patient.

        Window sill removal.jpg


Once you get the rotted trim and sill off make sure that you inspect all of the surrounding area to make sure and repair all materials that have been affected. If there are any termites or mold present make sure and treat it before covering it back up.


As far as alternative materials for the trim I would suggest either HardieTrim or polyurethane trim. Both will not rot and both can be painted to match the rest of your house.


I agree that some of the other options are a little more expensive but you have to remember that you will never have to replace it so in the long run it probably works out to cost less over a lifetime. Not to mention all of the hard work that you’ll be saving for other DIY project around the house.


So let me know what you think and if you have any other questions. I would be happy to help.


Posted 2013-05-03T20:52:22+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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