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How to store touch up paint?

I know I have seen a million DIY pins and posts on how to store touchup paint, but now that I need it I can't find them.  I do not have access to glass baby food jars.  Is plastic okay?  Does just shaking the container mix it well enough to use?  I'm in a newly painted public space (library) that will need frequent touch ups.  I've only been in the new space for six months and already need to touch up many places.

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Posted 2013-03-29T17:07:33+0000  by antlerslibrary antlerslibrary

Hello antlerslibrary.  Welcome to the Community!


Yes, plastic jars will work fine, although you may not easily be able to tell what color the paint is.  What you are looking for is a container that is air tight, can be mostly or completely filled, and will be stored in a place that does not ever freeze.  If you do these things you are good to go.  


Make sure you clearly mark the container with the brand, color, sheen, color code and the rooms it is for.

When you need more paint it will be easy to have it made up for you.


Shaking a jar to mix up the paint will work, but be tiring.  Paint shakers for cans at Home Depot do essentially the same thing, but shake vigorously for a few minutes to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed.


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Posted 2013-03-29T18:17:30+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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