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How to use a circular saw.

I received a question from one of our members on the proper use of a circular saw so I thought I would post my answer here on the community so everybody could learn together.


I personally use my circular saw on almost every job. I have one that stays in my shop and also one that stays in my rolling tool box for those jobs on the go.


Here is the question form our member:


“I am new so forgive my errors here.  I am handy...but not handy enough. I want to install wooden gates on my deck. to portion off deck area for the dogs. I want to learn how to use tools for this project. circ saws in particular. Can you help me ?”


I found a few guides that I think might be handy in learning the correct way to using a circular saw.


Here are the links:     Buying Guides: Circular Saw

                                   Buying Guides: Circular Saw Blades

                                   Project Guides: Circular Saw

                                   Project Guides: Adjusting for the cut

                                              Project Guides: Cutting with a Circular Saw


I also have a link to a video that shows you how to make cuts and adjust a circular saw and a miter saw.


I hope this give you the confidence to tackle the gate project that you want to do. My other suggestion is to go into your local Home Depot and visit the hardware department. Find an associate and ask if they have any tool demos coming up. Over the past 18yrs I have given many hands on demos of many different tools.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I would love to help.


Post some pictures of your gates here on the community once you’re done. I’m sure it will encourage other to try new things and build their own projects.


Thanks again for joining the community.                              

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Posted 2012-03-09T21:40:02+0000  by Christine_HD_OC Christine_HD_OC