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How to work around bilko basement doors ???

I want to put in a patio. My house is small and less then 3 ft from my patio doors are a huge set of bilko doors that go to my basement.  They are set in concrete that rises about 7inches high above the ground then the ugly metal doors are another 20 inches above that height. I can paint the doors but I'm not sure how to work a patio and incorporate these doors. My house is small so not including them in a design won't work.


Any really creative souls out there with ideas. I thought maybe using thin pavers stones to cover the concrete exterior then strip and repaint the door a similar shade of probably gray to match the pavers hue. But then I'm afraid it will look worse painted gray. I just can't figure out what might look good.  or at least ok. 



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Posted 2013-09-25T18:55:28+0000  by kdunlap kdunlap

Hello Kdunlap,


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The veneer stone sounds like a great idea to cover the concrete. I would suggest covering the metal doors with T1-11 4” OC and then framing them so that they look like barn doors or framed doors. If you use composite materials you won’t have to worry about it rotting from the weather.

                         Barn Doors.jpg


It would make them a lot more decorative and you could use whatever color paint that would tie them into the rest of the colors on your new patio.


I would love to see the finished product. Please take a couple before and after pictures and post them here on the How-to Community.


Thanks again for joining the community. I look forward to seeing how you dress up your Bilko basement doors.


Posted 2013-10-11T21:06:34+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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