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How to you tune up a lawnmower

i have a murray riding lawn mower and its 12 years old. i havent tuned it up since i got it.

i need help in  tuning it up. can anyone help me find out how to tune it up.




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Posted 2013-08-04T01:44:29+0000  by jason123 jason123

Hey jason123.


Your typical tune up consists of changing the mowers oil, oil filter, spark plugs and air filters. After 12 years however, I would look at replacing the in-line fuel filter and I would put some new blades on it as well.


Not all Murray riders had an oil filter so that may not be an option. You will need to pick up 2 quarts of 10w-30 or SAE 30 oil and an oil filter if your mower has one. Check to see what kind of engine your mower has. I am sure that its probably a Briggs and Stratton, so you will need to pick up a B&S oil filter if applicable. Once you drain out all the oil then you will put in 1 and a half quarts of oil and then slowly add until you get to full on the dip stick. It usually takes just under 2 quarts.


Take out your spark plug and bring it into the store or get the numbers off of it so we can get you a new one. If your mower has 2 plugs then we will get you 2 of them.


Inspect your blade belts to make sure that they look fine as well. If you have the parts list that came with your owners manual then bring them in as well.


Remove your air filter and bring it into the store and lets match it up for you. Also, take a look at your in-line fuel filter and come get one of those. I suspect that it is a shorter one, as there are a couple different sizes. Take note of the horsepower of your motor incase there are other questions from your professional in your Home Depot power equipment department in gardening.


Check the size cut of your mower, as we sell 40 and 42 inch Murray blades in the store. If you do not have the tools necessary to remove parts, like a spark plug wrench, then just tell my guys at the store and they will make sure that you have everything you need to complete this project.


If you have any other questions, feel free to hit me up here and thanks.

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Posted 2013-08-04T15:47:58+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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