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Husky 26 gallon portable quiet series air compressor question

Had air compressor outside with a cover it. Rains alot. Was working before I stored it. Now it doesn't work. Took the top off and looked through everything. Everything looks good. Tried turning the switch off and on a few times...the electric engine tried moving twice out of 25 tries.
I used electrical contact cleaner for the clean up process...didnt make a difference. So Any suggestions, Could it be the pressure switch?
How to test?
if so does husky still make a switch for my model?
If husky doesn't make a pressure switch what must I know about the switch to purchase an aftermarket 1?
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Posted 2018-08-28T07:28:51+0000  by Ben34 Ben34
Hello Ben34.  Welcome to the Community!

You can test the pressure switch by using a multimeter and testing for continuity between the switch outputs.  Please only do this with the power cord unplugged.  Since the pressure in the tank is below the cut-in threshold, that switch should be engaged once you turn the on/off toggle to on.  Continuity will tell you the switch is working, at least to send power to the motor.  You cannot test for cut-out pressure until you get the machine running, but that's not the current issue.

Usually you can replace the pressure switch with a generic one as long as the cut-in rating is 120-to-130 psi, and the cut-out is rated at 155 psi.  If you want the exact replacement from Husky, please contact them at the number listed below.  Other parts like a new motor would be purchased from them as well.

My guess is that the motor brushes/commutator are rusted and do not conduct well enough to spin the motor over.  Whether that's an easy repair or not I do not know.


Posted 2018-08-28T18:52:45+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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