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Building Materials

I am building a toybox that has 2 different sized slots. What tools/materials do I need?

I am building a toy box. It is 5x2x2.  It has two different sized slots on it. One slot is 3ft x 18in and the other is 20x20in. This will be for my high school senior project and I need it to be inexpensive but also I need a nice finish. My question is, What tools do I need and what type of wood and wood finsh should I use?

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Posted 2013-09-10T22:08:26+0000  by Konner Konner

Howdy Konner,




To build the toybox your wanting to build you need to decide your budget. You'll want to use a stain grade or paint grade plywood to get a nice finish.

Tools/Supplies needed;


2  4x8 foot Plywood

circular saw


stain/paint/varathane finish


paint brush

tape measure


   m5oqHHt9OdiuZNMMJQ4by_Q.jpg mC69-NLnMRPJUzKFuaUZjAw.jpg 161099882160.jpg


First you would need to measure and cut plywood. I like to cut two pieces at once to get the best cut possible.


With all pieces of wood cut it's now time to cut out the 3'X 18" and 20"X 20" slots. I like to use a cutting guide to keep everything perfect.


Next it's time to make pilot holes and then screw pieces together. The pilot hole is simply drilling small hole where screws will go to keep wood from splitting.


Now it's time to screw everthing together and sand the edges to get a nice finish ready for staining/painting. I like to use 3-4 thin coats of varathane instead of one globbed on thick coat.


Finally, to get a nice finish you can use steel wood to get the finish shiny and even.


Happy Building,

Posted 2013-09-13T00:13:57+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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