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I am just about to purchase mini pendant lights. What does hang straight mean in the description?

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Posted 2013-12-22T04:08:58+0000  by Airmom Airmom

Without know exactly what light you're referencing it's a little hard to be sure.  I did see one Progress fixture that had this in the description:


Includes 90-degree hang straight for sloped ceilings


That just means it can be hung on a sloped ceiling using a special base that's included with the fixture.  Not all lights are designed to hang from a sloped ceiling.

Posted 2013-12-22T14:01:42+0000  by Adam444

Thank you for your help.  I should have put in the queston more information.   It was a mini pendant light for a typical ceiling.  The item # is 202503326  Moulan 1-Light w/Straight Canopy Finished in Copper Bronze Bronze   ...

Again thank you for any advice you might have.  Thanks : )

Posted 2013-12-22T16:24:29+0000  by Airmom

It means that the fixture can be used with a sloped ceiling.  That doesn't mean you have to use it on a sloped ceiling, flat ceilings are fine too.

Posted 2013-12-22T16:30:54+0000  by Adam444

Thank you.  I ordered two without knowing if they would work.  With your answer I now know they will.  I appreciate you taking the time to write an answer to my question.  Maryanne

Posted 2013-12-23T04:48:35+0000  by Airmom
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