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I am painting a 150 year old farm house and the basement is dirt with stone and cement walls

I am painting a very old farmhouse and barns.  The basement in the house is dirt floor with cement and stone walls.  I need to know how to prepare (if any required) and what type of paint to use and if it could be used with

Wagner  Power Painter Plus 6.6 GPH with EZ Tilt Technology

Model #  05250                                                                             paint sprayer which I was going to buy today as I am also painting a very large area with a garage white latex on inside.


Also, I have to paint large areas outside that are cement outside the front door and with steps and in addition all around the house is cement about 2 feet up that need to be painted -- color gray and I dont know what to use


I asked the girl at your paint desk but she has never painted anything so left very frustrated as I am sure you have people who are very experienced at this and I need help  I just moved here from Michigan and have opened an account with you but the card has not arrived yet so I use the receipt you gave me when I opened it but it cant be used online purchases.


Please help me


Jim Cole

80 Renaissance Lane

Wilton, NY 12831



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Posted 2013-08-31T15:05:20+0000  by James123 James123


I guess the first question is, do the basement walls have any issues with water, i.e. leaking, seepage, etc.  If they seem fit, then I would probably treat them similar to an outdoor cement wall, and would either use Behr Stucco,Masonry Paint, if available the Elastometric variety (available in different markets).  Or if you are willing to spend a bit more, the Behr Marquee Exterior Paint would probably work well, as it uses nanoguard technology to get into small areas.

If you do have water problems, then I would look to solve those first.  Whether it is as simple as covering with some Drylok to help seal it, or to have to use Hydraulic Cement (possibly with backer rod) to fill gaps and cracks. 

The Behr should spray fine, if need be, I believe you should be able to thin it down with some water (I believe it is 1/4c water per gallon of paint, but will say on the label). 


The above same paint should be able to be used on the exterior concrete walls also.  I hope it helps a bit.

Posted 2013-08-31T15:28:30+0000  by sijuki

There is not water issue and your response is really great -- they tried to sell me Over Deck but I just knew that was not right instead of the Stucco, Masonry Paint --- I dont know how hard it is to find the Elastometric -- is there a big difference - not in cost but in quality of end product?


You are saying that if I really want to do it right that for outside cement areas and in the basement I should use Behr Marquee Exterior Paint????


Thanks for the great reasponse


Jim Cole

Posted 2013-08-31T15:40:13+0000  by James123


The Elastomeric Stucco paint gives it a sort of vinyl-like coating that helps to keep it from chipping or flaking.  It was popular in the southwest where people have a lot of concrete walls in their yards (as opposed to a fence), so they would buy the stucco paint all the time, and the elastomeric definitely worked better.  I would probably just go with the stucco paint in the basement, but it just depends on how good the wall is in the basement.  Outside, the Marquee is the best, than the Behr Ultra also works well.


The Overdeck paint they sell would work for that probably, I would lean more towards that if the wall was in bad enough shape that it wouldn't hold paint to it.  As concrete ages it begins to break down on the surface and it can be hard to get things like paint to adhere properly.  So, even testing it with a small sample just to make sure it sticks well might not be a horrible idea if you have any doubts. 

Posted 2013-08-31T17:02:52+0000  by sijuki
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