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I bought three boxes of vinyl tiles at HD that said there were complete instructions and warranty info inside, but there wasn't. How can I obtain these items?

I bought three boxes of vinyl press on tiles at Home Depot. The outside of the boxes said that there were complete installation instructions and warranty info inside, but there was not. How can I get replacement instructions and warranty info? Or, that failing, how can I get complete instructions for installing these? Thank you.
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Posted 2017-02-22T08:16:39+0000  by CJR CJR

Hello CJR and welcome to the Community.

Home Depot carries several types of vinyl floor tile.  I would be happy to relay the information you seek but I need to know which tile you bought.  Can you provide the Manufacture name, style or 12 number UPC.

Detailed installation instructions and product specifications can be found by first left clicking on the photo of any product on Then clicking on the word “specification” which is below the product’s photo.  You will find installations instruction,  user guide and warranty information to the right.  Read this over carefully to see if this is right for you.

Thank you for shopping at The Home Depot.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Charlotte of the Home Depot Community.

Posted 2017-02-23T13:48:40+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
Thanks for your prompt reply, the tile i bought is called "Chaucer" and product #5683C. I am wondering also what the care is on these, and do you recommend I use some kind of a primer? I am also wondering how to go about a layout for a diagonal pattern, and how to handle the room being wider at one end than the other? Thank you so much for your help.

Posted 2017-02-26T20:15:12+0000  by CJR

If these vinyl tiles are peel and stick, you can use a bonding primer (sold at your local Home Depot store in the Henry brand) to apply over the clean and level subfloor to assist in the installation.

For any tile flooring, always start in the middle area of the room. You may want to use a builders square or measuring tape to figure where a 90 degree diagonal angle will start.

Once you do this, it's irrelevant what the shapes of the walls are on the edges. You will simply use a knife to cut the edges of them as you see fit. 
Posted 2017-03-09T22:13:33+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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