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I cannot afford a riding lawn mower jack. Any ideas to jack mine up

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Posted 2013-07-06T00:32:13+0000  by deefisher7277 deefisher7277

Hi deefisher7277,


Safety is priceless and a couple of hundred dollars for a tool that keeps you safe is a fair deal.


When working on my ride on mower, I prefer all four wheels to be on the ground for stability. I'll find a smooth, clean part of the driveway or garage to lie down on to access the blades. 


I spoke to that subject in an earlier post:


When you need to remove a wheel for service, utilize a car jack to lift that portion of the mower and support the frame of the mower by placing a concrete block under the axel. All other service can be performed on the mower while all the wheels are grounded.


Replacing blades and belts require you to pull laterally on the mower chassis, so a secure and stable mower is a safe mower. The mower with four wheels on the floor is safest.




Posted 2013-07-09T17:00:27+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL


Hi there deefisher7277,


I’m Jen, from The Home Depot.   Welcome!


For safety reason, I am reluctant to offer an alternative suggestion.  We do however have a lower priced item called Mo Jack. 

Mo jack.jpg



Here is the link, so you can read more about it.



If you use your Home Depot credit card, you can take advantage of no interest financing.  Promotions vary depending on the time of purchase.

Posted 2013-07-09T17:09:47+0000  by Jen_HD_BOS
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