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I have a 20" Homelite Electric mower that every time I pull the switch to mow it kicks the Breaker

what is wrong with my mower a 20" Electric Homelite every time I plug it in and hit the switch to start it knocks the breaker what is wrong with it and where do I get the parts? It is only 1 year old

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Posted 2013-08-16T12:59:04+0000  by u812 u812

Hi u812, 


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Your mower has a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. You can take it to your local Home Depot for service or call the number in the operator's manual.


Before you bring it in, try a different extension cord to eliminate that as a possibility. Also look under the mower to make sure that the blade is not obstructed. 


Thanks for asking. Good luck.




Posted 2013-08-16T13:43:18+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

It looks like those mowers use about 12amps.  Make sure there aren't other devices/appliances on same circuit possibly overloading it.

Posted 2013-08-16T15:12:51+0000  by pstuart.ax926

All ready done check exstenion cord nothing else on that breaker nothing hold motor it turn freely by hand


Posted 2013-08-17T11:24:28+0000  by u812
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