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I have a skylight its leaking below it what should I do don't want to replace

looked on roof around skylight cannot see where its leaking. looked in attic when raining couldnt see any water coming in anywhere the skylight is boxed in. there is no vents on that side of roof . I dont want to replace skylight. I dont see any water coming in through glass. what else should I look at

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Posted 2013-11-02T20:22:40+0000  by tammyg49 tammyg49

Hello tammyg49, welcome to the Community.


Leaks can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to determine the source.  A roof can be leaking some distance from where it finally appears because the water will seek the path of least resistance.  Your question raises more questions.  Has it always leaked or have you had the skylight for a while and it just started to leak?  Could the leak be caused by condensation?   Does it leak only after it rains or snows?


Was the skylight installed properly?  Looking at roof without pulling up the shingles and flashing may not reveal an installation error.  The leak may be hidden by the interior finish or ( box in )as you mentioned. 


Before you start tearing up your roof, I would suggest you contact the manufacture.  If you don’t know who made your skylight, you could pull up the website of Velux the leading manufacture of skylights.  Velux site has very good information about maintenance and installation, as well as contact information.  They may be able to help you trouble shot and possible find the least costly solution.


I realize I did not answer question, but maybe Velux may.  Let me know if you resolve this problem.




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Posted 2013-11-07T18:59:20+0000  by Char_HD_CHI

we had this house built about 15 years ago. The skylights were installed when we had it built. It isnt condensation. I have to put a bucket under it. no water even on glass. I have seen condensation you are talking about. I found out that the roofer didnt put any tar under the flashing. Everything I reasearched dosent even show the flashing he used . I see they make them in four picees . He used one solid piece on botton and top but sides are in several different pieces. so have to remove them and start over. do you know how long a builder is responsible for your home. The company that installed the roofing went out of business. go figure.

Posted 2013-11-08T00:00:32+0000  by tammyg49

Hello tammyg49


I can not answer legal or contractual questions. I can suggest that you will have to remove the skylight and reinstall properly, using the correct flashing.  I would advise installing a product like the W.R.Grace detail membrane to help seal and protect leak prone areas, like skylights.  See attached link.




I am a Home Depot associate trained and authorized to help people on the internet.

Posted 2013-11-12T15:53:10+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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