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I have a well pumping to a 550 gal tank 100' above my home.

My gravity feed water system works well enough, but I would like to increase the pressure throughout the house. Someone suggested to me to use a water heater expansion tank. Will this work? The current pressure is only about 28 psi.

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Posted 2013-12-09T03:40:40+0000  by truckindan54 truckindan54

Hello truckindan54,


The answer I'm going to provide is theoretical ... food for thought about how to increase your water pressure.


We'll skip past pumping uphill and start with water in your tank.



Gravity creates the force that creates your water pressure.


Without changing any other aspect of your system, simply moving the tank higher will increase that force.


Probably not too practical, but certainly an option.


Another way to create "higher water" is to set the fill point higher in your tank ... increasing the water force at the exit.


I would normally think of filling the tank within fifteen percent of capacity (465 gallons) ... using an automatic float switch to activate the pump and maintain this level.



Funnel devices are used consistently in both gas and fluid flow applications to increase the flow toward a smaller-size (funnel) tip.


This is most commonly visible in HVAC systems where the ducts start large and become much smaller near the exit (ac register).


Water systems work the same way ... given that the water level remains constant, force will be greater at the bottom of a funnel exit point.


Ideally, you would create a funnel bottom inside your tank.


And at the exit, a series of decreasing size pipes would also increase the exit force.



Moving the tank further uphill would be an easy theoretical solution ... though not too practical.


However, it is very practical to increase the "exit force" of water using a funnel mechanism inside the tank and a series of decreasing size tubes after the water exits the tank.


This approach is limited only by the size of the existing exit port on your tank.



If you apply this theory, please be certain to come back and share your results ... how you created a funnel device and the related pressure increase.


It is certainly a DIYer's world and practical applications like yours repeatedly prove, "You Can Do It, We Can Help."

Posted 2013-12-09T16:07:50+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

A pressure tank requires the use of a pump as well.  The obvious question is that if you're going to pump to the water tank then pump to the house, why not just skip the holding tank and pump directly to the house.  Now the answer may be that you have a low producing well and you need the reserve.

Posted 2013-12-09T18:41:34+0000  by Adam444
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