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Building Materials

I have an attached lanai on my home. I would like to enclose it. Can you reccomend proper maerials I should use.?

I would like to enclose an attached lanai on my home......can you recommend some materials I should use?
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Posted 2016-07-07T09:25:42+0000  by redwing redwing

Howdy Redwing,



This would depend on how much you want to enclose your Lanai. Many people want to enclose their outdoor spaces for privacy and to keep insects and wind from making the space less inviting? Let’s go over some ideas to make that happen.



One way would be to simply attach “Sun Screening” material. This could be done by cutting and folding over the material and stapling the material to the existing structure. This method will also cut down on sunlight, wind, and bugs.



Another method would be to hang outdoor shades. This would require measuring first then installing the hardware for the shades. One great feature this has is the ability for the shades to almost disappear when not using them. This is because they are retractable and roll up very small.



If this project requires having doors and windows you may have to have a licensed contractor take a look at what you have to have the best results. Some of these projects require having electricity, roofs, and even decorative water features.


Like many projects, your imagination and budget are your limits,

Happy planning,

Coach Dave

Posted 2016-07-07T18:11:28+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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