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I have bright yellow eggshell in my bathroom.

Can I paint over it with Behr semi-gloss Sand without a primer first.? If I need a primer, what should I use?
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Posted 2013-10-17T00:33:29+0000  by Darkover1952 Darkover1952





Both Behr Premium Plus and Premim Plus Ultra are self-priming. They may be put directly over your eggshell finish paint. If the color change demands a second coat, you merely go around again with the same paint.


If this is a bath that gets steamed up with shower taking, the Ultra would be preferable.  Its "nano" technology makes its film inherently moisture and mildew resistant, although it does, as does Premium Plus, also contain a chemical mildecide. You certainly can use the semi-gloss version of Ultra, but one nice thing for those who don't like a lot of shine on walls, Ultra eggshell can also be used as a bathroom paint.


Hope this has helped.



Posted 2013-10-17T04:33:59+0000  by ordjen
I actually like shine on the walls in the bathroom. It helps reflect the light for makeup and shaving. I was looking at the Ultra so it's good to know this is good for steamy bathrooms. Thank you for your quick reply as I plan on going this weekend.
Posted 2013-10-17T09:48:06+0000  by Darkover1952
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