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I like to put a new toilet bowl and new tiles , my question is , tiling the floor first ?

I am putting a new toilet bowl and new tile floor. 


Can you list out the procedure, tiling the floor first the toilet bowl ?


What will be the thing(s) to know or ?


Can you also list the charge of the installation and tilling cost and plumbing





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Posted 2014-01-03T05:28:09+0000  by quortzson9229 quortzson9229

Hello quortzson9229 and welcome to The Community!


Laying new floor tile and installing a new toilet once you have a guide that can take you through the process. We have several Project Guides that will help you with your project. Click on the link below Flooring Project Guides , the link will take you to a page listing all of the current projects available for flooring and near the bottom half of that page you will see the breakdown list of different Project Guides for various steps.


A good one to start with is How To Install Ceramic and Porcelain Floor Tile, there are step-by-steps & videos to take you through the process, this is a project that may take several days.  


Flooring Project Guides 



As you find projects that appeal to you, you can save them by clicking on the  projects.PNG button, then you won't have to go looking for those guides again. 


For part 2 of your project you mentioned putting in a new toilet, I assume you are taking out the old and putting in the new, which case you want to follow this link ALL PLUMBING PROJECTS, there you will find Removing a Toilet & Installing a Toilet. 


You asked "Can you also list the charge of the installation and tilling cost and plumbing" unfortunately I cannot, labor cost will differ by region or city, and even there the prices can vary. It's best to get 3 different estimates for the job and make sure all of the work being done is the same, Apples for Apples. 





Posted 2014-01-03T14:57:30+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

The Home Depot guides will give you a nice overview of the project and what it entails.  I would add that it is very common, especially in older homes, that over the years the toilet has leaked and there is damage to the subfloor.  Having a nice solid foundation for tile is very important so any damage needs to be repair first.  


It's also important that the closet flange (that's the part of the plumbing that the toilet attaches to) sits on the finished floor.



If it sits slightly below the flinished floor, that can usually be addressed with a thicker wax ring or some kind of spacer but, if possible, it's best of adjust the flange.  A flange that sits too high will cause the toilet to rock and lead to leaks down the road.


As for hiring someone, you'd be best off stopping at your local Home Depot and discussing your project with an associate.

Posted 2014-01-03T15:26:19+0000  by Adam444
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