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I need a candlabra LED light bulb for an outdoor light which has 60 watt bulbs now.

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Posted 2016-01-06T00:28:31+0000  by SWBT SWBT
I'm not sure if you mean a candelabra shaped bulb or you need a bulb with a candelabra base or both.  In any case, any combination is readily available in LED.  I might suggest taking an old bulb into your local Home Depot and asking for someone in the lighting department to help you pick a replacement.

When buying LED bulbs a few things to keep in mind:

  • While the price of traditional "A" shaped light bulbs has been decreasing rapidly, the less common shaped bulbs are still pretty expensive.  Figure on paying $8-12 per bulb.  On the bight side, they should last a very long time and use a LOT less electricity than incandescent bulbs.
  • LED bulbs are labeled as "equivalent" to a traditional incandescent bulb in terms of light output.  My experience has been that some manufacturers have been a little generous with the use of the word "equivalent" and in some cases the LED bulb will put out considerably less light than the incandescent it is replacing.  If the amount of light is important to you, then look at the lumens (a measure of the quantity of light) on a package of incandescent bulbs and compare that number of the LED replacement. 
  • Dimmable LED bulbs are usually considerably more expensive than their non-dimmable siblings.  Most outside lights aren't dimmed so you possibly can save money by picking a non-dimmable bulb.
  • For the most part, LED bulbs come in two colors - soft or warm white and daylight.  The former are roughly the same color as a traditional incandescent bulb, while daylight has a "bluer" color.
  • For outdoor use look for bulbs that are rated for "damp" locations meaning they can be used in an enclosed fixture.  For things like floodlights, use a "wet" location rated bulb.  I have seen LED bulbs labeled for indoor use with temperatures of -4° to +110° F.  I don't know about your home but that sure sounds like outdoor temperatures to me and I think you'll be fine with those bulbs as long as they are used in an enclosed fixture.
Posted 2016-01-06T12:21:23+0000  by Adam444
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