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I need a manual for The Hampton Bay Fast Attach Click-in 52 inch Ceiling Fan

When i saw this fan i liked it a lot for my studio.  but it was out of stock at the store, drove all over creation looking for this model. couldn't find it. I was eventually told it was discontinued. I finally convinced the m.o.d. to sell me the display model. it set in my house, uninstalled for several months. when i did call the electrician and he attempted to install it. he says he couldn't figure out how this display model had been connected and needed to see a manual, of which of course, i don't have.

is it possible to obtain a manual for this model? (The Hampton Bay Fast Attach Click-in 52 inch Ceiling Fan) thanks in advance. 

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Posted 2011-12-09T01:18:01+0000  by cmlc cmlc

Hi, my name is Sheronda and I'm with Home Depot customer care. From your description, I searched our website and find a Hampton Bay Fast Attach Click-in 52 in fan:Ν=P_PARENT_ID&storeId=10051&Ntpr=1&ddkey=Search


If you click under the "More Info" tab, there is a link to the instructions and assembly manual. If this is not your fan, email me and I'll be happy to do additional research for you. Thanks!


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-Jon, Nicki, Robert, Sheronda & Chris

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Posted 2011-12-09T14:28:24+0000  by THDCustomerCare

Hello cmlc and thank you for joining the discussions.  We are glad that you are here.


The Hampton Bay Fast Attach Click-in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan has contemporary styling and the spot lights are adjustable.  It is ideal for great rooms and those rooms over 20 ft. x 20 ft.  (It was worth driving all over creation for it - it will look great in your studio!)


Fast Attach.jpg


The Assembly / Instruction Manual will help you enjoy your new ceiling fan for years to come.  Please be sure to write the SKU and UPC numbers in your manual for future reference.  Your SKU is 762-460.  The 12 digit UPC (all numbers – no letters) can be found on the sticker on top of the motor housing.  This will identify the exact model and manufacturer of the fan.  Should you need assistance with your fan, contact our Hampton Bay team at 1-877-527-0313 (option 2) with your SKU and UPC numbers­­­­­­. 


Best wishes and thank you for joining The Community.


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Posted 2011-12-09T14:39:29+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL

OOOH YEA! that's my fan...thank-you-thank-you-thank-you. I'm now doing the happy dance. thank-you

Posted 2011-12-09T23:48:00+0000  by cmlc

Thanks all... for your quick and thorough responses, i couldn't be happier (hopefully, crossing my fingers this is all the electrician needed and there are no missing parts with this display unit.)

                     anyway thanks again.

Posted 2011-12-09T23:57:57+0000  by cmlc
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