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I need a name for the part I'm trying to find.

It is usually a good idea to know what a part is called so it can be ordered. So...ya know when you put together a tv stand or some type of Sauder woodwork furniture and on different places in each wood piece there's a round spot bored out for this part to fit into it just right & you grab another pc of wood that you put the mate to that 1st round piece  in & you have to use a flat head & turn 1/4 or 1/2 turn & it locks the 2 pcs together??? I need that whole interlocking mechanism. I'm driving myself insane trying to figure it out & wasting alot of time & my customer is ticked. PLEASE HELP!!

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Posted 2010-12-06T18:57:20+0000  by alltrouble_70 alltrouble_70

Hey alltrouble_70.

Welcome to the community. I believe you're looking for a cam lock. See attached image. Hope this helps. Also here is a link to our site, 



15mm x 12.5mm Zinc-Plated Steel Phillips Head Cam Connectors (4-Pack) 37974.06 mm x 45.5mm Zinc-Plated Steel Phillips Head Cam Screws (4-Pack) 38024.0

Posted 2010-12-06T19:11:59+0000  by Ken_HD_OC
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