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I need help: Table/reclining couch idea...

This may be the wrong place to ask this question, but...



So I'm in a dorm room and am interested in building a table that also changes into a ground level reclining couch. I already have 2 levels of stadium seating and thought it would be cool to have a third on the ground...


Is this possible for cheap? or is it going to be too much trouble for its worth. Do you guys have any ideas for how I could do this?


Thanks for the help,


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Posted 2012-08-25T17:40:35+0000  by kylesuss kylesuss

This is by no means an exact plan on how to build this, but should get you started thinking about some ideas and alternatives. There are a couple of posts on the site with ideas that can be adapted to what you want to do one of which that comes to mind is the sandbox. The lid of the sand box folds back to make the back of the seat.

folded to couch.jpg

 The ends are four pieces of plywood laminated together to form the legs and sides. You'll see a 2x4 on each end that slides in and out to support the back of the bench when it's extended to a full table top (below). You should notice that the outer laminate has a nub notched into the back top that provides a stop for the folded top.

extended to table.jpg

 The inside piece of plywood has a slot cut into it that acts as a stop for the 2x4 support arm. The arm has a 1" dowel inserted through it that rides in the slot.

laminate detail outside.jpg

The two inner pieces of plywood are cut to provide a location to attach the stretcher underneath the table.

laminate detail inside 1.jpg


laminate detail inside 2.jpg


The hinge point in the center of the table could be recessed to give a flatter surface on top. The second hinge point is mounted underneath.

Posted 2012-08-26T16:04:19+0000  by Paul

Another idea to throw into the mix.


couch-table v2 table.jpg

couch-table v2 table bottom.jpg

As a table

couch-table v2 couch.jpg

couch-table v2 couch bottom.jpg

As a couch


When used as a table, slide the two 2x4s through the ends. When used as a couch, take out the 2x4s and insert the back support.

Posted 2012-08-26T20:35:59+0000  by Paul
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