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I need help identifying this fan

I believe that this fan is a Hampton Bay fan, I could be wrong. All I have is a sticker that says DEC 2008 "YL" Model: AC-552. I cannot get to the UPC number on top of the motor housing because one of the screws is stripped. Some amplifying info, it takes two 13W Pin Base CFL Bulbs(GU24), is a three speed fan, and the pull chain switch for the light is inside the socket itself. Any help is appreciatedceiling fan 1.jpgCeiling fan 2.jpg

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Posted 2012-11-17T16:37:33+0000  by harper2007 harper2007

First off, thanks for giving us the images so we can assist you better.


I hope your son only pulled the chain out of only one of them and not all. 


I'm guessing the switch you are referring to is below the light kit, if that is the case, it's going to be a tall order to replace it out that way.


The Q0812B you found on the sticker maybe a clue for Hampton Bay to use when you call them. 


As for replacement, we do carry ceiling fan light kits, and some do have the G24 base as yours currently carries. We sell them online as well as in your local store. Click on the image below, this one has the base and possible similar appearance to yours.

Hampton Bay Replacement Light Kit


This maybe the best solution for you, but they are more expensive (approx. 40-50 dollars) versus a simple pull chain replacement.


If you can get the light kit apart AFTER you've turned the power off, you can replace the switch, but from the way it looks, I'd replace the light kit outright.


The light kit can be removed via the threaded rod piece connected to the silver brackets above the light bulb sockets. After disconnecting the wires (black and white), the screws on the side of the housing (the screws with the other pull chain on the fan) to get access to take the wires off.


Next, you simply put it the new kit in the same way it was removed.


I would still contact Hampton Bay to get an exact matching light kit, but we carry some in our stores that would be a great match as well. 


Please update us on your situation, and I hope this information has helped you out.


Hope to hear from you again,


Best Answer

Posted 2012-11-17T19:50:05+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Good afternoon harper2007,


Thanks for joining us here on the community, welcome!


Unfortunately, the number you gave us (AC-552) isn't the specific model number to the fan, but it does sound like a Hampton Bay fan. 


You will need to get the number on top of the motor housing. You can do this without any disassembly of the fan  simply by using a ladder and a pocket mirror to get the information on the sticker on top of the fan. 


I really can't stress this enough: getting the number from the top of the way is the only way that we can assist you further.


After you obtain it, refer to the image below and contact Hampton Bay directly. We own the company, so it is our line of ceiling fans.

hampton bay customer service number


Make sure to let them know about about the specific problem, and if it is a simple item, we maybe able to produce a step by step solution here on the forums.


Please update us on your situation.




Posted 2012-11-17T18:02:50+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Ok, I got back up there, I actually have four of these fans in my house. Unfortunately not one of them has the sticker with the UPC number, SKU, or anything to that nature. Here is what the problem is though. My son pulled the pull chain right out of the switch. I was going to replace the switch and chain, however it is in the socket itself, and I cannot fit a wire nut in it. Here is a picture of the Socket itself if that helps in any way. The pull chain switch sits right in the hole in the bottom of the socket. I realize you probably cannot do anything without the UPC, I figured it was worth a shot though. I would even go as far as buying a new lighting kit if the socket is the same(takes 13W CFL pin base bulbs, and is compact). Do you know of a hampton bay lighting kit that uses this type of socket?light socket.jpg

Posted 2012-11-17T18:49:30+0000  by harper2007

The only other stickers I found up there was one that says "Q0812B" and the UL sticker

Posted 2012-11-17T19:14:11+0000  by harper2007

It worked, I got that lighting kit you suggested and you can't tell at all. I basically only installed the socket. I took the bottom screw on pipe and spacer off of the new one, put the old one on and it still fits my larger bowl and white fittings for it. I also clipped the silver and added the old gold chain so they still match. Looks just like it did before and still takes the same bulbs. Thanks for the help

Posted 2012-11-18T03:32:28+0000  by harper2007
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