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I need more paint for a color that is painted on cement walls. How can I get a chip to color match?

My new classroom already has the walls painted.  They just recently replaced the white board with a smaller one so I have two chunks of walls that need painted.  How do I go about getting a color sample from the cement walls so that I can color match it?

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Posted 2013-07-16T13:55:35+0000  by jcneil jcneil

The best you can do is try to peel/scrape off some of the existing paint.  You want a piece at least an inch square (and bigger would be better).  That or go back to the school and ask what color/brand they used.

Posted 2013-07-16T14:12:22+0000  by Adam444

Hello jcneil!


When walls are painted, the outlet covers are often removed and replaced afterwards.


When you remove the cover, there is often a small sample that can be cut off without damaging the wall.


The same may also be true under the coving or trim at the bottom of the wall.


Coving is typically glued to the wall. With careful inspection you will likely find a spot where you can easily pull the coving back to expose the lower edge of the painted wall beneath.


What you're looking for is a quarter-size piece of continuous color.



At The Store, you've got hundreds of color samples available for the taking.


Pull as many as you need and take them to your classroom. Select the one that most closely matches your color and have a half-pint sample made to test the color. Your Paint Associate can fine tune your selection ... making slight adjustments that you can retest until satisfied.



If none of these approaches work, be creative and careful ... go behind the door or beside the bookcase and use a razor knife to slice off the best sample you can get. Keep it in an envelope to prevent smudging while in transit. And, have your Paint Associate do their best to match the slice.


Posted 2013-07-16T14:28:49+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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