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I need some thoughts on a pathway and paver lights.

I'm looking for some community advice and recommendations.


I'm doing a walkway in my backyard. I've decided to go with pavers. I know Home Depot carries the pavers that I want but what I'm looking for is for advice on possible paver lights. I've found a few places that make them. The front runner for me is Lumastones. Their claim is that the pavers look like pavers during the day and light at night. Sounds great if that's true.


What I'm wondering is if anyone has experience with the Lumastones pavers? If so, let me know your experience.


If you have other experiences with other paver lights, let me know.


I'm planning on doing the job this summer. I know what pavers to get and Home Depot has been very helpful with that. I get different thoughts from everyone I talk to. I would love to hear from as many people so I make sure this project is done just right. If I like the walkway, I'm thinking of doing my driveway as well.


Thanks in advance for the input.



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Posted 2013-04-10T19:30:49+0000  by sediaz sediaz

Doesn't anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?


I thought for sure I would get some input from the Home Depot communities. I would really like options before going forward.

Posted 2013-04-11T17:09:57+0000  by sediaz

Hello Scott and thank you for your question.


The Home Depot sells several products that are “pavers by day and lights by night.” 


Solnair Sedona 6 in. Square Solar Paver Lights (sold in singles, 5-pack and 10-pack) use solar energy to charge during the day and automatically come on at night (lasting about 8 hours).  These are best suited for use in a sunny location. The pavers are waterproof and scratch-resistant – ready out of the box – and have a 20 ton weight capacity.



The Kerr Lighting Outdoor Paver Light Kit has fixtures with frosted white lens to provide a warm candlelight appearance. Like your front runner, Lumastones, the Kerr system uses low voltage power.  The kit includes paver lights, a transformer, cabling, and connectors.  It is available in 8-light and 14-light kits, with 2-pack add-on paver lights.  The Kerr Lighting Hardscape Millennium Paver Light Kit can support the weight and pressure of foot traffic and light vehicular traffic.


 dimex 1.jpg   dimex 2.jpg   dimex 3.jpg  dimex round.jpg

The Home Depot also offers Dimex SolarCap Solar LED Paver and Landscape Lights in round, square, and rectangular shapes.  They are battery free  15 year rated – with brilliant high quality white LED light bulbs.  Colored bulbs are available through special order.  Using Crystalline Solar Cells that charge / discharge daily, Solar Cap lights will charge even on a cloudy day and without direct sunlight (holding a charge for 12-20 hours when fully charged).


I read through most of the reviews on each of these products and it seems that in each case the installation was easy and the lights worked well.


Since you are planning on building a pathway and possibly a driveway, consider the other pavers in the project (sizes, colors, and textures).  If the pathway and driveway are adjoining spaces, it may look esthetically pleasing to have the same pavers throughout both areas.  If the paver lights will be driven over, definitely choose one where the vehicle weight can be supported!  The systems with low voltage will need to have special attention paid to the outdoor electrical outlet area and there may be a limit to the number of pavers available for use with the transformer. 


Please keep us posted on your progress.


Eileen HD ATL.jpg

Posted 2013-04-12T19:34:02+0000  by Eileen_HD_ATL
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