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I need to cancel and order for cabinets and was given an email that does not work.

i need to cancel an order for cabinets and I was given an incorrect email to send the request to.

could you give me the email that I would need to send it to.  

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Posted 2013-07-20T00:19:00+0000  by sfschoen sfschoen

I'm not sure of who you spoke with to that provided the incorrect email. If the order for the cabinets was special ordered through a store, then you need to call that store about cancelling the order.


If the order was placed online, and is being shipped to either your home, or to a store for pickup, you need to contact our customer service line for further assistance. 1-800-466-3337.


Many times an order placed cannot be directly cancelled, for immediate assistance, please either contact your local store for store special orders, or our customer service team for an online order being shipped.

Posted 2013-07-24T19:57:30+0000  by 19katherynb
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