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I need to paint my garage door, it has an oil stain from greasing the chain of the garage door

The garage door has a stain from greasing the garage door, and then they tried to remove the stain using goo gone, now it is a really gross grey black huge stain in the middle of the door. I know I will nee a primer but I am not sur what to do to cover this mess. Help!

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Posted 2014-01-17T19:16:05+0000  by cfw61 cfw61




If you have removed the actual greasy material, use of an acrylic water based primer should seal in the stain. Water based stains reach their maximum stain killing ability after about 24 hours of cure time. If you paint over it a short time after primeing, the risk is that the stain might come on through the  final coat of paint.


If the finish color is strong, you might consider having the primer tinted toward that color. This might avoid having to do two coats of the finish color .


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2014-01-18T06:25:07+0000  by ordjen

Sorry to learn of your greasy problem cfw61!


Oil-based primer, like Zinsser Cover Stain, is most often used to seal grease, oil, and water stains.


The manufacturer says, "Sticks to all surfaces without sanding. Dries Quickly. Use any topcoat."


So, remove the grease that will wash off, and then apply two coats of primer about two-hours apart.


That "huge gray black stain" will be gone forever!



There is no charge for tinting, so take advantage of this ... you'll be adding your first coat of color while you prime.

Posted 2014-01-21T15:00:40+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


As a rule of thumb, the primer selected is the opposite of the soluble nature of the stain, i.e. if it is a water soluble stain, use an oil primer. If it is an oil soluble stain, use a water based primer. For a water soluble stain such as nicotine or water stains, use an oil primer. For greasy, waxy type stains, use a water based primer.


As can be seen from the attached Zinsser chart, for an oily type stain, either Cover Stain or 1-2-3 may be used. Even better would be BIN shellac based stain, except that BIN is not recommended for general use outside.



Posted 2014-01-21T17:06:21+0000  by ordjen
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