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I painted all my walls with behr flat paint. I'm finding it hard to clean them. Any suggestions?

I painted all my walls with Behr flat paint and I'm finding it hard to clean. What can I use?     Deborah

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Posted 2013-08-08T19:05:03+0000  by Deborah-60 Deborah-60




Wall washing used to be a passage of springtime regular task, but in recent years has become a forgotten skill. You first need a good wallwashing detergent such as Dirtex or Spic and Span. The advantages of these cleaners is that they do not need the rinsing that TSP requires. You will want to follow the directions on the box as far as dilution and general use.


The first rull of thumb in wall washing is to wash a whole section of wall, not just the dirty area. Secondly, you wet the wall starting from the bottom up. Why? This seems counter intuitive, but the reason is that you do not want dirty water running down the wall causing streaks in the wall which might not come out.


After a few seconds, you use a soft sponge to wipe off the detergent, again wiping from the bottom to the top, catching the dirty water before it runs down the wall.


You want to let the detergent lift the dirt. You do not want to scrub in a single area. To do so will cause a shiney spot. Flat paints appear rouge under a microscope. This is why they appear flat , as they scatter the light rays in all directions. If you rub an area, you are polishing the rouge surface  and causing it to look shiney.


When washing large areas, I like to fill a pump garden sprayer with the detergent solution and spray the whole area, again from the bottom up.  Then use clean water in the sponge bucket to wipe up the dirty detergent water.


If you have a reluctant scuff mark, take a little Soft Scrub on your pinky finger and do the absolute minimum to lift the scuff. You can also stick you wet finger in the Dirtex powder to act as a slight abrasive in lifting the mark.


In the future, you might want to consider one of the higher sheen paints, such as Flat Enamel or Eggshell. As a rule of thumb, the more sheen a paint has, the more washable and scuff resistant it is.


Just a few hints from an ol' contractor who remembers the day when everyone was burning coal for heat and springtime wallwashing was absolutely neccessary.

Posted 2013-08-08T23:04:32+0000  by ordjen
Agree with the previous recommendation in that prepping is the most important part of painting but that advise is now after the fact in your case unfortunately. Clean walls, woodwork, whatever the surface, is essential. I've switched to using Behr paint and primer in the eggshell finish for just about every room in my home. After a good prepping before painting and applying two coats of paint, the walls clean very easily of routine fingerprints and light dirt. I'd try a recommended solution for painted walls of Spic-N-Span or Mr. Clean. Lestoil cuts any greasy marks quickly BUT used too strong or rubbed too hard, it may remove the paint in the process.
Posted 2013-08-09T15:17:34+0000  by puglicious
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