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I painted over an oil based paint with a water based paint, how can I correct my error?

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Posted 2013-11-19T18:03:24+0000  by csarno csarno




I am assuming that you are talking about interior paint. If the latex paint has bonded to the old oil paint, there is not neccessarily a problem. The traditional warnings about  painting latex / acrylic paints over oil paints was concerned that the new paint would extremely easily peel off the surface or easily chip, exposing the old finish. If this is not the caee, then don't be overly concerned.


Many of the modern 100% acrylic paints, such as Behr Ultra, are perfectly capable of bonding directly to oil varnishes and paints. Also, many of the modern acrylic based primers are also capable of bonding to old, slick oil surfaces. Traditionally, an oil based primer would be used to bond to the oil surface and then an acrylic finish coat could be used on top.


If you have experienced bad peeling, your options are mechanically scraping the paint away, or stripping back down to original wood with chemical strippers. Sometimes a heat gun can "shock" the new paint into losing its grip. The latex paint expands faster than the oil paint underneath in the presence of a blast of heat from a heat gun. Often when so shocked, it can be then scraped away without damaging the underlying paint.


Sometimes a hard, downward pressure from a putty knife dragged over the surface will help break the bond of the overlying  paint.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-11-19T18:25:57+0000  by ordjen
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