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I recently bought a gas fireplace. Help with rocks

Ceramic logs, glowing embers, "coal bedpan". It looks great but the area directly around it is very bare. I was hoping to get some rocks and maybe place them around this area. However I have been told some rocks are not a good choice for this.

What kind of rocks should I be looking for? What should I stay away from. I went to Home Depot but none of the rocks there specifically mention whether they can "take the heat".



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Posted 2013-11-18T15:27:19+0000  by fraygos fraygos

Howdy fraygos,


Welcome to the Home Depot community and thank you for a question that is critical to the safety of anyone near the fire. If you choose some of the larger rocks made of sandstone, moisture can get trapped causing the rocks to split or explode.



River rock is fine, but this will hold the heat for a long time. This is good for outdoors, but indoors it can be a safety concern.



Mexican beach pebbles are a great option that have been used for making fireplaces. They are very popular for firepits because they are not porous.



Lava rock is my favorite option, Why?, well first off they come from volcano's and if you notice, most firepits use lava rock. This makes them a tried and true favorite for many people.


Happy Gardening,


Posted 2013-11-19T01:39:22+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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