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I think my air conditioner Unit is on it's last legs

Just when I thought summer was officially over in Atlanta,  the temps are hitting 90 again.... 


I turned on the upstairs AC unit, and I noticed the airflow through the vent was extremely light.  Is this a maintenance issue,  or should I be out shopping for a new AC Unit.?   My current AC unit is 15 years old.

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Posted 2010-10-11T17:52:52+0000  by Fletch Fletch

 Hey Fletch:


Thanks for your question. I take it that your a/c is a window unit, so the first thing you would want to do is check and clean the filter. It is located directly behind the front grill. Remove the grill so that the filter is visible. Remove the filter and then wash it out in your kitchen sink. Let it completely dry and then reinstall it.  Also, when was the last time you cleaned the condenser coils? Being a second floor unit they probably have never been cleaned.  If possible, remove the unit from the window (Some a/c units can be removed from the cabinet for service). Clean off the condenser coils with the brush attachment on your vacuum. Check for debris or leaves that may be restricting air flow and reassemble the unit. Give it  try, if all is well, GREAT.  If not, you may have to replace the unit. Being 15 years old it sounds like you have gotten your money’s worth! This time of the year not too many stores will still have a/c units on hand, but you can visit Home to order the unit of your choice and have it sent directly to your home.


Thanks for your question, let us know how it goes!



Posted 2010-10-12T00:02:22+0000  by Mike_HD_OC

I'm no a/c expert but imho the most likely culprit is dust buildup. Assuming you've checked and properly cleaned the filter it could be buildup on the gill, fins or even on the fan itself  since it's a really old a/c. I would look into cleaning before buying a new one. hope this helps..

Posted 2010-10-13T03:00:19+0000  by helliko

Thanks HDAnswerman and helliko....I did clean the filter and the airflow is  much better.  Hopefully,  I can get 1 more summer out of this unit....


Thanks for your help!!!

Posted 2010-10-13T15:36:03+0000  by Fletch
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