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I want to convert my existing tub to a shower. Also, there is a window in the tub area.

I want to convert my tub to a shower as well but there is a window inside tub enclosure.  There is also wainscotting that will need to be removed and cut for shower enclosure. 

Can someone give me the steps?

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Posted 2013-12-30T03:09:32+0000  by melser melser




Generally, you will want to remove the old drywall down to the studs. Cut the drywall in a straight, vertical line slightly past the most frontal point of the tub, preferably at an existing stud. The old drywall will be replaced with rockboard at least as high as the tile is to be brought up.


Windows, especially wooden windows, don't belong where shower water will hit them regularly. However, if you decide to keep a window of the same dimension, consider replacing it with with a plastic window with obscure glass. When the tiling is done, wrap it tightly to the window.


Better would be to buy a window of the same width, but not as high, so that shower water won't normally hit it.  A small slider or awning window will allow ventilation when it is warm outside. Chosing a window of the same width greatly simplifies the carpentry involved.


If you want a regular shower without a tub, there are replacement shower bases with the drains appropriately placed to line up with the old drain and simplify the plumbing. If this is the only tub in the house, from a resale point of view, it is prudent to leave it. Most people want at least one tub in the house.


Just a few thoughts to consider.

Posted 2013-12-30T06:07:50+0000  by ordjen
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