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I want to convert my wood burning fireplace and gas starter to gas only. What do I need?

My fireplace is wood burning and I believe I have a gas starter which we have never used. My new project I have started is to change it to gas only without the expense of a non-vented insert. I also want to be able to have a fan on it. What do I need? Thanks.

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Vented gas logs (click on it) are intended to be used in fireplaces that are designed burn wood. They are a convenient alternative to burning wood. They heat up faster than wood, they cool down faster and they create no ash. Vented gas logs require the use of a properly operating chimney, just as though you were burning wood.


Burnt River Oak 18 in. Vented Dual Burner Natural Gas Fireplace Logs  


Vent free gas logs (click on it) give you the option of closing the damper of your chimney and utilizing the convection heat that is otherwise lost up the chimney. This is because vent free gas logs do not produce carbon monoxide (CO). This is accomplished by placing the logs precisely where they will avoid contact with the gas flame. (CO is produced when a flame is obstructed.)


Savannah Oak 24 in. Vent-Free Natural Gas Fireplace Logs with Remote


These kits connect to the gas line that is run into your fireplace. No other conversion is needed. If your fireplace was designed to burn wood, gas logs will fit right in. Simply remove all grates and existing burners, and replace them with the hardware supplied with the logset. 


Emberglow 42 in. Vent-Free Firebox Insert


There are many blowers on the market. Most fireplace manufacturers provide the capacity to add a blower to their units. To find you manufacturer, look in the mouth of your firebox, in the upper corner for a name plate with model and serial numbers.


In the bottom of the fire box is an access door where the blower can be located. Purchase the correct blower unit that is designed for your particular box.


Emberglow Blower Kit for Vent Free Firebox Models VFBC32, VFBC36, & VFBC42

The blower is a fan that helps to move the hot air that is between the walls of the firebox and push it out through the fireplace vents, into the room. Consider installing a blower before you install the logs.


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