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I want to know whats going on with my Vigoro Ultra Dwarf Santa Rosa Plum Tree

I brought the tree early this spring (April) with the root system packaged in saw dust.  I have followed directions rigorously, preplanting, pruning,  regular watering... and I have got nothing.  No evidence of change or growth and I am now 4 months later and the weather is beginning to turn to fall, monsoon is slowing.   I want to know why there has been no growth... it is now getting stiff (hard) and I don't see any green when I scratch under the bark.   Is it dead??  Are there any other signs that I should look for? And if dead, is there is any guarantee as there are on other tree products.  At the same time I purchased a dwarf Asian pear and had absolutely no problem.  

In a related concern, I have purchased several fruit trees that were sent (via mail) with exposed roots and dipped in some protective covering (instructions were to soak for 2 to 12 hours to remove covering). I have also purchased several potted fruit tree with a good root system (2 and 5 gallon) and a mainstem with a few leaves,    Overall I have had good success with the trees, but rarely getting any growth from the original mainstem where the leaves where.  They survived the winter OK, but the next spring, there were no spouts on the mainstem where their were buds.  For the most part, a branch grew off the mainstem near the bottom and became the main stem, while the mainstem did not grow anything in its upper 70% even though it had the only leaves when it was purchased.  I can cut off the mainstem when it becomes time to prune but I am trying to understand why that is happening to practically every tree I have planted.  Any information on this subject (including reference articles)  would be very helpful as I plan to expand my orchard...  mostly dwarf fruit trees.    
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Posted 2018-08-13T00:11:03+0000  by utemanses utemanses

How-to grow and care for plum trees

Greetings utemanses,

Sorry for your difficulties. It sounds to me like you did everything perfectly correct for the plum tree and you have been very patient; but if you are not seeing any fresh green when you break or bend a branch of the tree, and there is no fresh leaf out…I believe the tree is dead.

The first shipment of fruit trees for the season arrive with their roots package in a green plastic sack. The root system is small and somewhat compromised because of the restriction on air, light and water. This shipping technique allows the greatest number of plants to be shipped, offering the customer many varieties to choose from and keeping the cost down, passing the savings on to the customer. 

Some plants do not favor the transport and a few trees are failing from the get-go no matter how great a job you do planting and maintaining the new trees.

Home Depot has a great one-year return policy on live good: just bring your original receipt, along with the dead plant back to your local Home Depot, you will be credited, or given cash back which will allow you to purchase a new plant…win, win!

I have found several article on Fruit Trees in the HD Community archives, look at this article and check out the links at the bottom of the page…lots of information!

Click here -> This article is specific to plum trees

As I was reading your question I wondered if you had have ever used the product by Miracle-Gro: Quick Start a transplant solution that help a plant adjust and not go into shock after being planted or transplanted; also I have had many customers rave about "Superthrive", a hormone push for all plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

Superthrive will also help weak and failing plants recharge and accelerates the growth rate and the fruit production.

Find your receipt, dig up the plum tree and head back to your local Home Depot, the “Fall" is for planting promotion is starting, you will find a fresh fruit tree to replace the plum tree. While you are at the HD check out the Quick Start and the Superthrive for your new plantings and for your orchard, both products are great to have on hand in your garden shed.

Ingars articles on fruit tree care and pruning are invaluable!


I hope this helps, let us know how things are growing,


Posted 2018-08-14T13:49:06+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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