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I want to paint my Aluminum Siding but was thinking of changing color, what's you advice?

I really would love to change my color of my house, it seems that everyone around me is a beige, what's you advice do you have for Aluminum Siding?



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Posted 2013-06-12T13:57:36+0000  by FunWrapGirl FunWrapGirl




If your question is whether aluminum siding may be painted, the answer is yes. Over the years, as a painting contractor, I have painted many aluminum sided homes , including my own, with excellent results.


The important thing is to prepare the siding by giving it a really good washing to remove dirt, mildew and old paint oxidation. Older siding often has an oxidation "dust" on the surface which will rub off on your hand. This must be removed. The easiest way to wash a house is through the use of a power washer, although it certainly can be done by hand.  If mildew is present, a bleach solution is advisable. A vigorous power washing alone will normally take care of regular dirt and the oxidation.


As to paint: a good quality 100% acrylic housepaint, such as those by Behr and Glidden is advisable. No primer is neccessary.  Should a strong color change be contemplated, a second coat of paint may be neccessary. Paint bonds well directly to aluminum siding and should last many years. Obviously, you will never have moisture related peeling on aluminum.


If you are undecided as to what color to use, take a look at the Behr or Glidden exterior color charts. Many harmoniujs color combinations are are depicted.


You might want to give consideration to Behr's new Marquis exterior housepaint. Marquis has a couple qualities which are advantageous. Marquis' surface  sheds field dirt. It is very washable. Further, Marquis has chemicals to block the Sun's UV rays, making it highly fade resistant. Given aluminum's ability to hold paint excellently, you should have many, many years of good service from you new paint job!


Hope this info has helped

Posted 2013-06-12T16:29:33+0000  by ordjen

Welcome to our community Denise! 


Painting the outside of a house is a big project, but very rewarding once it is done! Are you able to paint your home? I know many home owners associations don't allow it. If you are allowed to, I would recommend using a paint with a primer mixed in. This will be the easiest way to ensure that the paint adheres to the siding. There are two different kinds that we sell at our stores.


The Behr Ultra for exterior surfaces is a really wonderful paint and primer in one. It can be tinted to any color that you desire and comes in flat, satin or semi-gloss finishes. Not only is it durable, it will stick to your aluminum siding and has wonderful hide and a superior mildew resistant finish.


If your home is in direct sun or if you have a problem with wind or rain kicking dirt on your home you may want to consider using Behr Marquee. This product is also a paint and primer in one. Marquee is the cooler, wiser brother of Ultra. It is just better in every way. Its dirt resistance and fade resistance is extraordinary. If you find yourself cleaning the outside of your home often, this would eliminate that completely. The rain will wash it for you! Dirt literally doesn't stick to it. 


As far as how to apply either of these paints. Many people prefer to use a paint sprayer when painting their home. But rolling it is another great way if spraying isn't something you are comfortable doing.


Good luck with your project! Please let us know if we can help with anything else!


Christine :smileyhappy:



Posted 2013-06-12T16:30:10+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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